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4 Crucial Reasons 2019 Is the Year to Update Your Business Website

With all the talk today about how to succeed and where to expand in your business, you should examine the face of your business to the customers. A business website is the first visual representation of your business when customers find you online. And hey, who doesn’t find what they need online nowadays? The reasons in this article will explain why improving the features of your website are more crucial than ever in the upcoming year. Marketing alone is only a device to bring people to your site, helping them find the site and to develop an attraction to the services is the next step. All function under the heading of your webpage to make it happen like never before.

1.Websites with Activity Increase Google Ranking

Ask anyone how long they spend searching for the right service and they will most honestly tell you that they pull from the top page of Google Results. Being on the first page organically is called the sweet spot as it is the go-to place for anyone needing services, especially emergency related services like locksmiths, repairs, and home cleaning. Other formats that increase your ranking are by adding pages to your website. Consider adding a consistent blog for weekly updates that are sure to advance your SEO scoring.

2.Keyword Modifications

Not all services stay the same. Can you imagine if you ran a website from 2003? You would miss out on several crucial aspects such as keywords that pertain. Your website should contain a series of not only key-words but key-phrases as well. Updating your keyword phrases based on analytics will help derive the best approaches for pulling in views to your site. Always reference how the customer thinks. Use first person language, “me, myself, and I” as many consumers are typing terms in on those pages. A great copywriter knows to word language as such.

3. The Mobile Approach

I have been researching the topic of mobile website aspects for the past three years. Programming your websites for mobile optimization is not only essential but the most important feature you can offer your potential website viewers. Mobile searches account for 30% of the searches but 60% of the clicks. When people are ready to purchase they use mobile. You could make the argument that desktop versions are just for research but it still makes a considerable share, therefore, the two variations.

4. Paid Ads Dominate Local Markets

Your competitors are not ignoring the markets. Everyone is paying for ad space and top paid domains. To stay ahead of the rest you want to update your website and keep it current. Be organic and pay for the ads that matter. No sense in spending ad money on markets that don’t apply to you.

Anything you do to your website shows change. That is why consistent blogs help your SEO. But a combination of reviews, blogs, and updated service pages and even a fresh look on your homepage can help tip the scales of business.


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