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Schedule a 30 Minute consultation with a client advisor today.

5 Ways How Allure Digital Can Help Save Your Digital Presence Amid the COVID 19 Outbreak

Amid the COVID 19 outbreak, it’s possible that you are unable to do any form of business and at times as such, when anxiety and worries have surrounded you from every corner, you can’t just bring your mind to brainstorm the perfect marketing strategy for your business, may it be digital or traditional. While traditionally, it is out of the question, the Internet is still alive and people are interconnected with each other more than ever. Right now, just as much as your own survival is important, so is the fact that your business must survive, or else how would you continue to earn your bread & butter? It doesn’t matter if you’re a product or a service, you’re an SMB or an enterprise, business is business, and the show must go on.

You can’t put a stop to your business, but what you can do is get the right people to do the best job. Do you want to see your business appear in the organic search of Google? Are you struggling with coming up with the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business? It’s time you let Allure Digital take the wheels. Let us help you make sure that your business can have the best SEO practices in place to survive.

What we can do to make your brand survive amid the pandemic? Here are a few highlights.

We Perform Local SEO Marketing

While the pandemic is sealing us all from performing various activities, businesses are bound to operate in local markets only. When it comes to marketing, local SEO can push the business 10x forward at times. At Allure Digital, our technical SEO specialists can identify the search intent of your local community. If you want to improve your local search intent, start by regularly updating your Google My Business profile with the right local intent search terms. Secondly, consider updating your Google My Business profile with news and information developing in the market. Use both elements incoherence to promote business in the local market. Can’t seem to do it on your own? Let our technical SEOs take the lead & custom tailor your business so it can complement your local community. We know what to do and how to do it.

Do you want to understand how we perform local SEO Marketing?

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We Perform Landing Page Optimization

Do you want to acquire more customers? Do you want to maximize the value of ad spending on your website? Landing page optimization is your way in. If you want to lower the cost of customer acquisition and increase the percentage of customer wins, Allure Digital has the right people to help you achieve it. We optimize website pages to get potential website traffic visiting you from different channels. We also perform A/B testing to ensure that we can maximize the results of your ad spending. The main objective of a landing page design is to drive traffic and increase the percentage of sales. Why is it essential to get your landing page optimized? Because they boost traffic and enhance the conversion ratio for businesses.

Do you also want optimized landing pages for maximized conversions?

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SEM/PPC is the Heart of Our Services

While SEO is mostly focused on increasing your organic reach on Google, SEM is more focused on increasing your business reach through paid marketing using Google Ads. We are skilled technical SEO specialists who have the right tools to research the kind of keywords that can give your business a 10x boost. We also focus on geographical targeting and then custom-tailor your ad campaigns accordingly. Thorough competitor analysis gives us a detailed insight into which elements are missing from your website. We then brainstorm to work on those areas and improve them using our innovative approach to make your business stand a class apart from the rest. We prepare sales copies and then run ads on it.

Do you want professionals to overview your paid marketing?

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We Can Do a Complete UX Review of your Website

Most website designs are catered to perfection, but when it comes to user experience, they gravely fall short of delivering the right experience to their customers. At Allure Digital our tech-savvy professional business minds are too keen to take a deeper look at your product/service and understand what are your Unique Selling Points (USPs). Google is all about relevance and if your website is failing to deliver that, the chances of your website to rank on Google are severely minimized. We can perform a complete review of your website and remove every harmful element that can create a hindrance in your organic reach. And before you know it, your website will start appearing on some of the top searches on Google. Interesting isn’t it?!

How about you let our digital maestros have a look and optimize your site?

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How Allure Digital Can Help You During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

While businesses around the world are experiencing an economical collapse, you shouldn’t worry yourself if you have an online presence on the Internet. Despite the lockdown, there are still countless ways how you can spread the word and generate business opportunities for yourself. Don’t have a website as of yet? Then isn’t this the best time to get your business a conversion-optimized digital presence? Has COVID 19 been affecting you in NYC or surrounding areas? It’s time you employ the right people to create a website. If you can harness the show at the backend, we are ready to give you a 10x solution at the front.

Let’s survive the pandemic together by working on building a business rapport for you.

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