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How to Find The Best Background Images for Your Website

There are a lot of factors that help build a solid website for your business. When you choose a template to work with, you will be shown examples of other images that represent something your company is not all about. The text, the images, and the plugins all contribute to making your website build leads and convert. While you can essentially fill in any of the information with whatever you want, we know you want what works to increase sales. These few tips are essentials to getting it right the first time.

Make It Visible

What do you want the viewers to focus on? Mostly it should be the text. This is why selecting a background that allows the text to be easily seen and read is crucial. Stay away from moving images on the background where there is text to read. A large slogan can have video playing around it but all text should be behind solid image backgrounds. You want it to be simple yet not too plain. Instead of just a black or blue image, try a picture of a night sky. Most users understand this but they over do it with an image that becomes hard to see. If you use pictures of people in your background then pay close attention to what text and forms block specific parts of the image. Two people having a conversation can quickly turn into a picture of one person having an awkward moment.

Add Cool Textures

The onslaught of graphic designers in the last decades have allowed for some really amazing features that can easily be added to your site. Check out the cool rippled affect the Allure Digital pages use. It is simple but not basic. Some websites want a clean looking white background but just like painting your home interior, there are a lot of whites to choose from. Consider small effects that bring out the magic in your services. Link the image and colors to what represents you.

Respect Copyright Laws

If you run a website for your business then you understand how following legal guidelines is important to avoid lawsuits. Any picture you take of your own is usually 100% safe to use. However, capturing good quality images can be expensive, but the point is more that you want to avoid using images that are under copyright restriction from the big companies like Getty Images and Shutterstock. These companies have algorithms to find if their copyrighted images are being used and they can easily fine you and file a cease and desist letter which could get your website shut down.

Try the Bold Approach

There is a lot to say about the way color plays with our emotions and expectations. Some colors like certain hues of red and yellow that are jarring and cause us to react. It is possible to use these sharp colors website backgrounds and make the sale. Factor in what your company does, if you offer emergency services then this might be the way to go.

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