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Should I Put My City Name in My Website Domain?

Picking the right domain name is crucial to business survival nowadays. There is nothing more frustrating for a potential customer to find your website than to type in long text with funny characters. Keep it simple is always a good piece of advice. However, when it comes to improving your SEO and combining your business

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How Links Can Be Useful and Optimize SEO

Online writing does not live in a vacuum. There is a whole network of information and resources at your fingertips. Literally, the wealth of knowledge in the world is not restricted from each page of text. What used to be footnotes, and table guide references is not just a push button away. However, there is

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How to Find The Best Background Images for Your Website

There are a lot of factors that help build a solid website for your business. When you choose a template to work with, you will be shown examples of other images that represent something your company is not all about. The text, the images, and the plugins all contribute to making your website build leads

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Essential Homepage Design

Logo/Branding Identity Have you invested in a professional logo yet? I’m sure there’s something brewing in your mind. What more fun element is there to owning a corporate business than the one chance to select a mascot worthy of searing into the minds of a worldwide audience. While you can struggle finding the right logo

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Plugins To Make Your WordPress Website Wonderful

Self-managing your own WordPress website is a practical value for many small companies. It’s something to dabble in with a personal blog on cooking, music, or any of your other hobbies. The advantage WordPress offers the user experience is partially due to the ease and adjustability of its many plugins. Plugins have revolutionized the website

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Geotargeting SEO Tips for Localization to Rival Your Competition

When formatting your tactic for an SEO marketing plan, there are specific factors to consider. One of the most important is geotargeting. Unless you are a global conglomerate, your company’s services will only be available to a restricted region. This could be citywide, statewide, national. Even if your company serves an entire country, focussing various

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