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Consider Photo SEO for Hidden Keyword Value

Many of the articles on this site stress the importance of keyword focus to drive SEO value within your company’s website. Mainly this has been focussed on the visible text, but there is a hidden factor that you should address “Optimization of image keywords.”

Image-Based Searches

Images help guide the reader through the text and allow for charts and other graphics to demonstrate progress.  You can provide pictures of items that you carry. All of these visuals will ensure the reader has an accurate idea of your text. When you consider that 25% of all online searches are within Google Images, you can easily see that correctly labeling your images with keyword subtext will offer the chance for search engines to lead online traffic to your site.

How It’s Done

This is relatively easy to do, and there are many ways to get it done. For starters, minimize the resolution of your images to as small as possible, this helps Google Images suggest your site over others. Then, the central fact is to insert the right title, alt text, and keywords for your images. Associating relevant document with the pictures when you insert them into WordPress will enable the images to be identifiable through

We shouldn’t add pictures to our content for the sake of having something to break our content and create more lines. That’s not the recommended way to use visual content. There are lots of situations when pixels are sacrificed, and pictures have a bad-looking aspect. Why should some innocent images end up pixelated after compression when there are lots of other ways to optimize images and still keep the visual aspect? So, we gathered the most important tips that will help you not only optimize the images for SEO but also speed up your website and assist you in your SEO endeavor.

Based on Research

Our previous researchers and case studies about the connection between images and SEO got us to this image optimization topic. We discovered then that Google could read text from images, which can have massive implication in rankings and Google Image Search world in the future.

It is highly possible that in the very near future, Google will probably change the algorithms regarding the way it will rank images. That change will dramatically impact the search, and thereby the SEO world. Especially since Google is using the object detection in models. Therefore, it is best to be prepared and follow our next image SEO tips to help Google “read” & rank your pictures shortly.

We’ve explored the topic and found lots of embarrassedly simple ways to reduce the image file size by editing the quality settings. We gathered our tips and resources that we followed thoroughly over the years. Saving an image for the web, using image optimization tools, removing irrelevant metadata, resizing the image to scale are just some examples of how you could optimize your images. In the end, make sure you test your visual content using plugins, tools, and software to ease up the process.

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