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Displaying the Web Designer’s Logo on Your Website

When you buy a polo shirt with an alligator on it you are telling the world that you are a distinguished man of style. The reason people pay more for a Lacoste logo on their shirt is that the logo tells the audience that this item was made with reputable quality. In addition to fashion, this logo logic goes for many items in life. While there is no question you want your company logo on your website, and you want it prominent and up top on every page, but there are many factors why one should include the logo of the web designer on the site. As with anything, there is a system of Do’s and Don’ts that can help you benefit the most from displaying your web designer’s logo on your site.

Quality Design

The best advantage of displaying the logo of the product of a webpage on your site is to show you are a reputable corporation. If you are a small mom and pop shop or a personal blogger and just getting on Wix to spice up your life then there is no need. The template you have already chosen probably has a built-in logo on the bottom that you can opt to remove or not. When you are growing your company you need a separate division from the work you do and your web page. You might also need many other services from copywriting to domain hosting. By hiring a web management company you can make the best use of a professional team in this field. Your readers will know that you have the capital to spend on modern technology where it counts and that you deal with reputable vendors. Bottom line, there is a prestige factor.

The Do’s of Design Logos That Pump Up Business

Modesty is the genuine article here. Most designers post on the bottom of the page in a white colored font that blends into the background image and colors. It’s legible but not overpowering. It is advisable to have a disclaimer or all rights reserved text affixed to the designer. This protects the client company from any postings they did not authorize. Of course, the content you choose to display on the pages is up to you. The logo can provide a website link. This is actually helpful so your readers can see the design company’s other high-profile clients. Having a web management company is a great way to stay on top of software updates and forms that keep you in the loop. Even the best websites need routine checkups.

The Don’ts that Could Cost You

Obviously, you want the logo mark to have authenticity. There is no real message in just editing on counterfeit labels. But to end on a funny note about overpowering the web designer’s logo and branding onto the website, check out the first episode of the new show Hang Ups. The designer of a psychologists website has the photos and names of both the therapist and the web designer on the front of the site. You quickly realize this is a funny character who has no idea what he is doing and then sigh in relief that you hired a reputable company who puts professionalism first.

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