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Garage Door Repair Website To Help Conversion of Sales

We are continuing with our industry series about how to maximize your business profits and expand into new areas in a specific industry by adding or updating your website. We last looked at locksmith websites and now we are going to focus on garage door repair and new installation services. Now, if you don’t already have a garage door repair website for your company then you have a place to start. This article breaks down the essential components your website needs and how the little differences can make a world of business. Each website needs certain pages and must contain a reliable domain name ending. If your hosting is not up to the stuff then your website won’t run properly.

The Pages of the Site

You can make a simple landing page style website that only has a home page and lead all your business directly to it. However, each page that you add must contain direct facts that you want to see in your business. Beyond the homepage, consider a contact us page that in huge letters and numbers lists every method of contact. Even consider the advantage WordPress can offer like contact forms, submission forms, and requests. These forms can be detailed enough to understand what supplies and tools you will need for the job before even speaking with the potential customer. Add a page for each service you do. Think about repairs of each part i.e. garage door chain and spring repair, motor repair. Then have one for new installations. Show pictures with most of your available models. Don’t overload your viewers with too much text and no pictures, yet always accompany any photos of sale items with fair descriptions and request info. This is a type of CTA that you need in every sale or service website.

Keep Making Posts

Once you have the page setup, you will want to improve its SEO. You can easily do this by posting content that makes the site more engageable. This attracts google search rankings and pulls them up as the first result for the keywords you want. Each posting can be a blog about the new materials implemented in modern garage doors. You can take a trip through history and talk about moat crossing castle drawbridges which pull in web traffic from all around the world. This is also a chance to post rave reviews.

Extra Pages to Consider or Disregard

There are sometimes that you will want to add on additional pages. When you expand to a new area it is advisable to hone in web traffic from there. You can do this by adding a location page onto your site. This helps the infant area page because it is still part of your larger domain name. Then you can isolate it and target the area more specifically. Having a staff page is sometimes a good solution as putting a face with a voice over the phone makes it much more friendly of a business. If you run seasonal promotions then this is a great time to post a page and advertise it PPC on social media.

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