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How Links Can Be Useful and Optimize SEO

Online writing does not live in a vacuum. There is a whole network of information and resources at your fingertips. Literally, the wealth of knowledge in the world is not restricted from each page of text. What used to be footnotes, and table guide references is not just a push button away. However, there is a more applicable function for providing your website content such as blogs and postings with a variety of link types. It makes for richer, more accurate content and helps play with the algorithms that make your website more prominent in its search engine value.

The Reference Links

This is the age-old classic style for providing research papers. When you comment on something, feel free to provide a supporting link from a newspaper. This shows your site is highly credible for the knowledge it extracts. Of course, any reader of any information source should read with caution. Just because it is online doesn’t make it real. Check valid sources and decide how the author interpreted the information is the best advice. Still, they are an invaluable resource for spreading reference material.

Keeping Them on Your Page

Provide internal links to other postings you have done to allow readers to stay on your page longer. This contributes to better SEO value and website advertising potential The more articles you post the more viewers can read. Giving them the links to jump between multiple articles or read from one to another based on similar topics can really boost the time viewers spend on your page.

Forms from Links

Links can also expand upon the breadth of what you are saying. Use them to provide important statistics or downloadable forms. This can increase conversions and save your sales team time if the client can download any signatory documents they need to fill out. This also helps to keep the paperwork digital and cuts down on emails that can confuse the client. The more information the clients are given ahead of time will help them make a more informed decision which usually relates to solid conversion scores.

The SEO Importance

If you want potential customers to see your company as the top results under a Google search or other search engine company then you need to improve your SEO. The best way to do this is to increase your content. Make several posting articles, blogs sample videos and photos with proper labels. However, it is crucial to maximizing your efforts as incorrectly tagging and posting practices can decrease your site’s visibility online.

Internal Links

These ones link to another page within your website domain. Give your website some credit. You put a lot into it. Now link your services and other articles within the blog. This keeps readers on your site for longer attributing to greater website visibility and potential advertising revenue from your site. You want at least 2 internal links on each posting you make. Try not to use the same keywords as the title and main focus of the article. It can be a slight verbal variation but not the exact same as that little oopsy will cost you in those valuable SEO points.

External Links

Sometimes called Outbound Links, these ones link to another website with a different domain name. You can use these for referencing from news sources or even to a partnering vendor business. It is rare that you actually link your direct competitors. These add some valuable SEO scoring, but the same rules about keyword focus apply as in internal links.  Link Formatting

While you can leave links in as their original hyperlink form, this is when they are often painted a different color and underlined so one click takes the reader to that site in a new tab, there is a better option. You can modify the text and have them used as hidden links embedded in the text. This is super useful if you are using them as reference materials and don’t want them to go to that page unless needed for further inquiry.

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