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How Often Should I Redo My Website

You may notice that you stop by a company’s website only to find fonts and background images that conjure up deja vu from the late 1990’s. This is a clear sign that the company is either not in business anymore, or gravely needs an update. On the other hand, you want to avoid the opposite extreme and revamp the entire site every month. Consider the changes that matter and how the improved technology can benefit your business through updating your website.

Changes Based on Information

DId you recently move? Change your phone number? List of services or associates? Well at this moment it is essential to UPDATE your info. No need for a total overhaul of your site yet. However, if you are updating several principal parts of your website or have new ownership/management then this is a great opportunity to redo your site. Consider changing colors, fonts, images, and even page layouts for a more modern and refreshing look. Yet, there is a branding charm to keeping menu bars and page searches recognizable for repeat viewers. Notice how sites like Facebook or Youtube update the look and use of their sites gradually so the majority of viewers only have to change a few habits at a time.

Making Changes to Your Services

As you evaluate and modify the services that your company provides you should strongly consider how this affects your overall business plan. If you are just adding an additional service that works into a list from the other services then you can set up an additional page. Adding pages is easy and cost-effective for your goals. Duplicating a website for a new city with some modified text but the same layout will certainly increase SEO results and attract new business in the desired locations.

Let Your Customers Know About Seasonal Sales

Keep an active watch on your website. Track and monitor viewership over the months. Strike hard when you have seasonal discount promotions to offer. Keep these up until you need them and remove soon after so your readers don’t think you lagging behind on updates once it has expired. No one wants to see a Santa hat on your logo in February. Seasonal promotions are also a smart time to include them in your blog postings. Let your readers search for “discounts” throughout the year to have something to anticipate. This keeps their attention on the hook.

How Long Until I Should Do a Full Website Redo, Just Because?

Great question and probably the information you were looking for when you clicked on this page. This answer could vary between industries. It is functional to do every year but you could safely say that within 4 years, the technology will improve and you can take advantage of easier loading web pages, forms, and messaging methods. Keep some elements consistent to let your viewers know you are the same company. When you find a trustworthy SEO company, you can consult with their specialists about when to schedule an overhaul of your site. If you ask them to monitor the progress of your site then you can know when to best strike and improve business performance.  

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