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Introspective to Fonts That Maximize Conversions

The point of text is to convey a message. Your company has a skill and provides a service to a region. Sometimes an artistic typography can really grab new customers’ attentions. However, the text on your website is a ready place to distribute facts and solutions through words. Finding the right font for readers to scroll through and find the pertinent information that will help them make a decision about selecting your services is of the utmost concern when opening a website for increasing business revenue.

The Logo

Hiring a graphic designer who specializes in marketing can help your company express itself visually. A great logo will tell the viewer what your service is and display the name of the company in a memorable manner. This is one part of running a company that should not be ignored but neither does it have to drain significant resources. It’s the cherry on the sundae that can sometimes make the whole difference.

The Title and Headlines

Every piece of great copy cries out for headings. They are the address map for the road of SEO. They help break up the text into manageable bites so readers can scroll over the parts that don’t apply or jump to those that do. You can get a little crazy with headings as long as they are fairly easy to decipher. Think of them as a hybrid between title and text. The title allows for bold and underlined and even a script font, but headings should both blend and stick out form the text body as that is their primary function.

Arial and Helvetica

Stick with the classics. While many word processors in the professional industry use Times New Roman, it doesn’t read as well on the digital page as Arial and Helvetica which have become standards for email and e-book applications. It’s all about ease of the eyes on the page. Believe it or not, there are some webpages that implement script writing into the body text. This confusion can lead to distrust and scare off weary potential clients.

The Color Scheme

A lot of applications let you switch between black on a white page or vice versa. In addition to looking super cool, the white white on black page is also much softer on the eyes. Still, the sepia tone beige is always comforting for the hygge home feel. Try to avoid dingy yellows as they advert a deception of interest in the reader. Text blocks can help you when overlaying text on an image. Consider all the aspects of the background image before just applying the text. You could be blocking out crucial words that change the meaning of the sentence.


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