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Schedule a 30 Minute consultation with a client advisor today.

Let’s Talk About A/B Testing

Do you ever want the chance to live in two worlds at once? To see what each decision would be like if you altered just one step of reality. It’s a simple yes or no question, to the power of the infinite. Mathematically yes, but when the goal is to increase business sales by allowing more traffic that converts to sales then you have a second chance to get it right from the beginning with A/B Testing.

The Format is Simple

All you need to do is design two identical websites. Now strike your curious points and manipulate each to your liking. Make sure to take accurate notes that account for each differentiation and run them through SEO scoring servers. You can accumulate storages of data that can help you identify aspects of your problems. You can even take it a step further and run parallel websites on separate domains in the real world and see which scores more hits.

The Point of A/B Testing is to Get It Right The First Time

Before you unleash your powerful new domain unto the unsuspecting public, take a chance to investigate the outcome with algorithms that find the seeped keywords and help you pinpoint what to expect from the site a week later, a month later, or whatever your ROI goal date is. Changing something simple like the name of the company or increasing or reducing keywords and key phrases can make a major SEO difference. There is also the idea of running a mostly text site versus a graph or image-based site.

Focussing the Power of Keywords

When it comes to highly requested keyword focus then you could be harming yourself based upon new insights. If your goal is to spread to a large audience like NYC pizza then you have some competition buddy. However, if you are attracting exponentially lesser terms such as Detroit style vegan pizza Flatbush then your chances of being found are as specific as you’d expect. Harness the keywords you want based on your location and try to avoid general terms that might attract similar results.

A Learning Experience

If anything, you can throw on the old adage “if it ain’t broken” but now you can actually know what is working because you have the data to back it up. Approximately one-third of A/B Results reveal that neither chance matters or is necessary if existing. Sometimes you should leave what you have even if you get the burning itch to switch stuff up. The goal is to take something valuable way and knowledge is what you seek.

The goal is to be found by the audience who will select to request your services. A/B testing finds these and lets you know what fat to trim before you go live. You can request A/B Testing and A/B Scheduling for your site at any time. Preferably in the development stage. It is a great option for anyone with a website looking to make any significant changes that might confuse current audiences.

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