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Out With The Old SEO Tactics, We Got The New Stuff and It Works

Have you been doing the same thing at your job for years and then business becomes sluggish and you notice that you have to shape up with modernization or just go out with the dodo? That’s what happens in every field. Farming is one of the oldest jobs in the world but even the plowshare was revolutionary to some generation. In the days of digital technology, updates happen on the nanosecond. Marketing is no exception. If you want your business to get noticed then you need to stay with the trends. Accordingly, they do change from year to year and some are nothing more than trends. However, occasionally, you get modifications that change the game. We are going to analyze some ways that worked in 2017 for SEO marketing and how they will not work by 2019 and of course, what to do starting now.


Links Alone Can’t SEO Anymore

Are you supplanting internal and external links to your site? Well that’s a great tactic. If it’s still 2012. Get with the times and focus on the UX Experience. How users navigate through your website is what you should be looking at. Test out your site and ask people unfamiliar with your particular site to use it as well. How does each pulldown operate? Are there any problems clicking on items? Where are the banner if you have any? Do you implement pop-ups? Do all the forms work? A specialist can help set these up but it takes the practice of each user to know if they are in the right areas. The goal of UX is to maximize efforts on the user front, making it more specific that they will opt for conversion of your products.


First Results are Often Mistrusted

Google prioritizes results based on what the search might be wanting. This is dictated by their past clicks and the best way to get to the top is keyword focus. Still, you want to be the top result and be official. Many times, the top result is an ad or is a site that over dominates. As long as your site looks and is professional then viewers will not be perturbed when they click. Try outlining SERP (separate domains) if you want to expand to different areas or services that compete. The top result is not always the best but yours should be.


Broaden Your Keywords

Let’s say you are a company that buys cars, you can put the keyword phrase “we buy cars” however, you rely on the customer searching like you think. Better yet is to cater your keyword focus to how they think. Try “I want to sell my car” and other terminology from the first person. I, me, and include more want and how do I to lure in the people interested before they choose to look specifically for your services.


All these tactics in modernizing your SEO work in sync with what has been going on in the trends for the last few years. The difference is that over doing the old adages can cost you so walking the fine line is the surest bet.

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