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Should I Put My City Name in My Website Domain?

Picking the right domain name is crucial to business survival nowadays. There is nothing more frustrating for a potential customer to find your website than to type in long text with funny characters. Keep it simple is always a good piece of advice. However, when it comes to improving your SEO and combining your business name with your location, you can’t go wrong with analyzing the useful facts. This guide will help you decide is putting your geo-identity in your domain name is right for your business practices.

Here I Am

Yes, you do want to announce your presence to the world. More specifically, you want people in your target region of services to notice you. One method of geotagging your domain is to combine your service industry with the city you operate in. For Instance “plumber + Miami” to yield It gives something with a ring over the reverse word order but tells the reader exactly what the company principle is.

Formula: “Industry + City” =

The Duplication Method

Okay, maybe you have a cool company name that you want on the marquee. There is a simple process for maximizing viewer draw and circulating higher SEO with buying up multiple domain names. Many companies and even individuals do this to keep their competition from buying up offensive worded domain names and to pool similarly spelled domain names to the mother site. Keep the domain name of your company name and add as many as you want that will include the city name and your service industry in order to combine forces and draw as many leads to your page as possible. You can also use sibling domains to organically apply outbound links to your home site.

Advice for Expanding Companies

When you are heading into new terrain how do you apply your home domain name with its original location? This is important as new users can get confused or turned off before even reading. If you are looking for car towing service in Chicago but see the result you clicked on took you to a domain that reads then might think there was some kind of error. The solution is to make new text copy for pages in the expanding locations that offer the same service and company name but with the new location, you want to invade. This is where the duplication method can come in handy but when you want to focus on greater achievement through SEO you should definitely consider new text copy to beat the web crawlers that might see your new sight as a dangerous replicant.

City or state keywords are crucial to the text on your website next to your services. Wording them in a unique and organic way is one of the key aspects of great copywriting. When it comes to picking the perfect domain name with your city, look for non-replicant duplication options that don’t harm your overall SEO and draw the business you need.

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