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The Power of Local Pages

When your efforts for expanding a business to new territories then you need to rely on marketing. In this age of digital information, marketing tactics are found in word based searches. Formatting pages that contain keywords will enable an audience to find your services. From then it is all math and style. It is safe to assume that your business has a website. Do you have multiple sites? Maybe an internal and external? Maybe one for each location. Well location and localization are linked and SEO relies heavily on where the search terms are originating. Designing local pages for your site can carry over great affects when you add their features to your existing website.


The Size of the Location

How specific do you want to break up your location based terms. Consider what comes to mind when I say New York. You could be thinking state or city. That’s more specific that East Coast but what if I find my audience is in Long Island. Now I want to narrow down some factors. Should I hit each city as listed in the address terms such as Great Neck, Garden City, Brooklyn. Or maybe I want to go deeper into neighborhoods and list Flatbush, Park Slope, etc. Not something that people consider when the fill in shipping info but keyword terms that locals would search if they don’t want services from too far away.


Create Pages For Each

You can create pages as many times as you want. If you own a chain of liquor stores and they many are in Williamsburg then perhaps list street names as measuring device. Never rule out even postal zip codes (and even 9 zip codes) from being keyword search terms. Sliding these in must seem natural if you do it too avoid spam like search blockers to prohibit the results or to have the site look too obviously keyword heavy.


The Unique Tool

Manipulating the factors of SEO driven content can bring you attention in the new area. You can measure the proportion of hits on each page as well as where they came from. Tracking IP data is a powerful tool as you can harness your attempts at neighborhoods that draw the most business. Milk the fattest cow. This brings you the chance to save on spending in areas where there is absolutely no interest or try even harder.


The Funnel System

Duplicated websites should be somewhat similar. However, the goal is to funnel the actions towards a more universal site. Keeping a common and easy to remember website where customers can find your services throughout the country is ideal. Those that move will remember your site and trust your services if they liked you in their previous city.


Affordable Costs

Have you heard the pharmaceutical expression “the first pill costs a million dollars then they are a penny a piece.” Well that’s an exaggeration of the truth here. Local web pages can be duplicated on new searchable terms for fractions of the original and are a great way to increase ROI and expand to new territories while measuring useful data.

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