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Tips for Making Your Website More User Friendly

Can you navigate through your own business website and find all the important information plus take advantage of every item that you want users to see and utilize? Well, making the effort to try out your website will pay off huge. These basic tips help businesses make sure that the important facts and items are approachable for the average computer user to navigate through when the time comes to make the sale.

Submission Forms and The Call To Users

These are great little introductions that can maximize your productivity and save you thousands of dollars in labor by funneling all questions from random calls and assorted email chains to one direct source. You can make a small 4 line submission form on all pages on the website. Post it on the home page at the top or at the bottom of every page if you so choose. Consider pop-up formats but also consider that many people find them absolutely annoying. Make sure these forms go to the right places and let the user know that it has submitted. Trust me on this one, give them an alert saying, “Your message has been received” otherwise you will get multiplicities of the same questions from the same users.

Beef Up the Content

How many pages do you currently have on your site? Make your pages concise and the appropriate length – 500 to 800 words. You don’t want to go to heavy over it as to becomes unnavigable for most readers. Fill in pages for each of your services as well as the other items that can rotate. The thing about blog content that can keep your SEO value high as well as repeat viewers visiting your site often. You can run a seasonal promotions page for extra benefits, just keep the content active and alive.

Speak the Lingo of Your Customers

If you sell specific parts as a wholesaler then you need to use the technical jargon of your industry. Yet, if you service individuals then make the language convey your message in words they will know. If you are after the Millennial audience then maybe sprinkle some emojis or hashtags. Get the reader active in the format they know. Most language is written for either British or American Standard format for spelling and punctuation. However, each region has a touch of dialect and the economic stature of your readers does greatly vary. Some customers are specifically looking for discount, budget, sale price, economical, while other high-end customers never want to see those words as they associate them with poor quality.

Screen Navigation Leads Down The Yellow Brick Road

Test your screen operations on mobile as well as desktop. It is beyond annoying when you are trying to click on a link within a pulldown menu and it keeps disappearing when you scroll over it (I’m talking to you Ikea). Allowing your visitors to easily navigate through your site will allow more page clicks which transfer into better SEO and that translates to increased revenue. The goal is always to announce your prime services. Don’t worry if you lead them to another page temporarily. The reader just wants to find what they are looking for but can find the pleasantries of surprises here and there.


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