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Google’s SERP Mobile Spotlights Nearby Events & Deals

Google has recently launched a new local search box in mobile SERP called Nearby Events and Deals. The new feature allows shows users different Google Map Business deals and events that are happening in the vicinity.

It displays promotions, deals, and events from various businesses’ Google Business Profile posts, popping up in your local searches.

What is Google Nearby Events & Deals Feature? 

The feature is great for offering local businesses a chance to boost conversions. If you want to appear on Google Nearby Events & Deals and your business happens to have a Google Business Profile, posting regularly and optimizing your GMB posts will get you a chance to appear in this section. 

When you search for your desired query, such as “best breakfast in New York” or “best brunch in Toronto,” the feature will filter the best results and show any nearby events or happening deals. 

These results typically appear lower on the mobile SERP, positioned beneath the local pack, organic results, ‘People also ask,’ and ‘People also search for.’ 

google nearby events & deals

The feature appears in four tiles with the company title, a promotional photo, and a review rating. If you see something you like, Google takes you to a full-screen view of the offer.

Here, you will find the business name, its location on Google Maps, and a visually appealing image of the promotion. You will also find a small descriptive text that will discuss its features. 

How Does Google Nearby Event Feature Work? 

Google collects information from a list of websites that have a reputation for collecting news on events. Some of these sites are Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, SeatGeek,,, LiveNation, Meetup, and many others. 

google nearby events & deals

As per Google, the list of these nearby event websites often changes depending on relevance.

Once the event is coming up or there’s a lucrative deal on any product offerings or service offerings, Google will automatically pull up GMB profiles of the business and showcase the event or deal on relevant keyword searches for the user. 

Why Is This Feature Important for Local Businesses? 

Many local businesses always run enticing deals or events that they want to promote to increase business. When these deals and events start showing up on local searches, it becomes easier for them to reach out to their previous existing customers and new ones alike. 

If you’re a local business owner planning to sell your product/service online, and you have come up with a deal or hosting an event, Google Nearby Events & Deals can provide you with a chance to make it visible. 

As a local business, it’s more than mandatory to keep posting for GMB profiles regularly, especially if you have year-end or holiday season deals planned and ready for dispatch. 

Note: This feature is exclusive to local searches on mobile devices and has not been observed on Google Maps.

How Can Businesses Optimize Their Listings for Nearby Events & Deals? 

To ensure your events appear on Google:

  1. Check if your event publisher integrates with Google search. If so, continue posting events on their platform.
  2. If you use a CMS like WordPress without HTML access, find a plugin to add structured data or use Google’s Data Highlighter.
  3. If experienced with HTML editing, directly integrate with Google using structured data on your event pages.

How To Show Up In Nearby Events & Deals?

For optimal performance of your event structured data:

  1. Ensure the inclusion of required and recommended properties as per our developer guidelines.
  2. Maintain high-quality event details; utilize the description field to elaborate on the event rather than duplicate the title, date, and location.
  3. Utilize the Rich Result Test to validate and preview your structured data.

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What Are the Potential Benefits and Drawbacks of this Feature? 

There are benefits and drawbacks to investing your precious time and money in Google Nearby Events and deals. 

Benefits of Google Nearby Events & Deals

  • Increased Visibility – Most local businesses gain exposure to a broader audience by having events coming up in relevant local search options. 
  • Better User Engagement – Local users will start seeing local events and deals to develop the latest business offerings and appealing promotions. 
  • Local Brand Promotion – Many local businesses can strengthen local brand presence by constantly appearing in nearby local event listings. 
  • Greater Audience Reach – Many events appear on user proximity and search intent, ensuring businesses reach users who are likely interested in such offerings. 
  • Competitive Advantage – Nearby Events & deals can offer businesses an edge over competition by attracting more foot traffic and achieving customer interest. 

Drawbacks of Google Nearby Events & Deals 

  • Reliance on Third-Party Websites – Businesses can have limited control over the event listings, as most of them are present on external event platforms. 
  • Potential Inaccuracy – There’s always a risk of displaying outdated or incorrect event details, especially when the information is on third-party websites. 
  • Limited Exposure – Not all businesses may be eligible to appear or get featured in Nearby Event listings, limiting their exposure to local establishments. 
  • Competition for Attention – When multiple businesses start vying for user attention in nearby event listings, it can make it challenging for your business to stand out. 
  • Dependency on Google Algorithms Changes in Google’s algorithm can lead to fluctuations in business exposure. 

Note: It is important to highlight that the Nearby Events & Deals feature, as per our testing, only shows up for food and restaurant businesses and is currently showing up for US based local searches.

How Does This Fit Into the Larger Landscape of Local SEO? 

Talking in the broader context of Local SEO this feature helps with the visibility of local businesses by showcasing the latest events or promotions to users actively searching for such information. Businesses can actively participate in nearby event listings, connect with local communities, and drive foot traffic.

Seizing this opportunity, now is an ideal moment to optimize your GMB Posts, particularly ‘events’ and ‘deals’ posts, to enhance the visibility of your profile. 

Choosing the right images for your posts is essential, especially with the enhanced visibility of the new feature.

 This new SERP feature highlights a review score and the review count, emphasizing the importance of consistently generating reviews for your business and responding to them.

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Want To Rank Higher on The Map Pack?

Local search intent has evolved over the years, with users now seeking information about your business/products/events/deals. This includes details such as operating hours, COVID-19 measures, directions on maps, available discounts, upcoming events, and more. 

Allure Digital’s Google Map Optimization services ensure your business ranks in the local search 3-pack, providing you with a significant advantage over your competitors. We completely optimize your Google Business Profile with categories, attributes, images, and posts, increasing your chances of your business showing up in local searches.

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