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Allure Digital is a leading Brooklyn Digital agency where our experienced experts give their ultimate concentration to creating better engagement and maximizing website conversions.

We create digital experiences custom-tailored to meet market requirements.

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Schedule a 30 Minute consultation with a client advisor today.

Boost Your Business Productivity with Latest the Technology that Delivers Immediate ROI

Appian applications deliver process and workflow automations without writing a single line of code.

Recognition for Excellence

Certified Professionals

Scaling Up Your Investments

Appian - A Low Code Solution to Solve Your Business Processes Effortlessly

Accelerating client’s business operations by helping them discover, design & automate efficient workflows.

Rapid delivery of new features to address users needs.

Introducing a low-code platform with a new and intriguing way to optimize your business.

Appian unifies people, technologies & data in a single workflow.

Complete Business Automation

With business automation, you can simplify the complexities behind your business operations. By using no-code connectors, you can easily configure APIs that will allow you to organize data, systems & bots. Combining these elements with the power of artificial intelligence, you can manage workflows competently. Via Appian, you can reduce technical debt & accelerate innovation in the DevSecOps.

Experts at Allure Digital can handle,

Business Process Management & Workflow

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)



Expedite Your Business Processes with Appian

In this fast paced changing environment, we often experience roadblocks due to changing market dynamics & increasing customer demands. What we need is a platform which delivers custom solutions to generate results and put us ahead in our business processes. With Appian, we can make it happen for you.

Allure Digital brings a wide range of professional services to enhance your digital standings. Whether you’re just planning to enhance your existing implementations to a low-code platform or you simply want a custom-tailored solution in a low-code environment to meet your business requirements, leverage the power of certified Appian experts working at our company.

Robotic Process Automation

Leverage the power of Appian to connect systems & applications and automate tasks which otherwise require Web Services or API integrations.

Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing allows users to remove the hassle of organizing and processing manual documentation such as sales receipt, invoices etc


Increase your digital foothold so you can scale up your enterprise environment as per the changing norms of the market worldwide.

A Single Dashboard for Everything

Via Appian, you can bring existing cloud services such as salesforce, AWS and Google cloud services under a single platform for easy management.

Let Allure Digital Build Your Appian Solution

Allure Digital has qualified experts certified and trained to perform a number of integration tasks using Appian. They have years of extensive training & hands-on industry experience in creating the most efficient workflows for businesses, big or small. They are talented & can create seamless workflows using technologies like RPA and IDP to produce remarkable app experience for end-customers.

Want to learn how our experts can make it happen for you?

Low Code Development

Appian allows you to rapidly design enterprise apps without observing any of the complexities of coding. Now build mobile friendly apps and desktop applications with beautiful UIs by putting together a simple workflow diagram. With Appian, you can integrate people, technologies, data & systems into a single workflow. It offers you a low code platform where you can design your web or mobile app as per need.

Experts at Allure Digital can handle,

Multi experience development

Appian Portal


DevOps and Testing

Mobile development

Data & integration

Our Commitment

Being a customer centric business, we aim to do everything under the Appian Guarantee.
Now get a truly unified platform & a professional team who can take care of everything for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

My website is already listed in Google, do I still need business citations?
While Google is one place, there are several other business directories where people intend to search up services. In case, if your business isn’t present on any of the following local directories, then there’s a high chance you might miss out on a business opportunity. It’s why our local SEO marketing service makes sure that your website appears in the right places. We have a high PR directory management system that helps identify the right places to place your particular business in.
What happens when you find my listings in a particular directory?
If you already have an existing listing somewhere before, then we check whether the core information on the listing is correct or not. If it is, then we skip the listing and move to another directory.
What are Local Business Citations?
The process of mentioning a business’s name, address and phone number in any provided local business directory is termed as local business citation. The process of citation is performed in different local directories in order to make sure your website starts appearing in variable business locations. The best citation practices ensure that your business starts appearing on Google more effectively and it enhances the impact on your local search engine rankings.
Do you assure all business listings you make will appear on Google?
We can’t provide any assurances whether our listings will become live on different websites or not. However, based on our past experiences and the citations that we have built for customers around the world, we have observed a vast majority of our listings becoming live. We can’t guarantee you anything for now, but we can ensure that we will do our best to put every effort in making business submissions live.
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